The Uplifting Space is an online community for people in their teens and their twenties who need guidance on how to create their most meaningful life.

Discussions about adulting, mental health and productivity will be found in this blog.

If you are someone who is:

  • Looking for a coach as you go through life
  • Interested in learning more about mental wellness
  • Fascinated with self-help or personal development resources
  • Purpose-driven and seeks meaning in life
  • Thrilled with to-do lists, routines/habits and passion projects
  • Searching for light and refreshing read after a long, tiring day in school or at work
  • Looking for an uplifting and encouraging online community

Give me a virtual high five my dear as you have stumbled to the right platform.


I am “Cha!” I am a full-time counselor, part-time blogger and aspiring entrepreneur.

I created this blog as a passion project where I can talk about the topics I love and create an online community for passionate, purpose-driven women (and men, too). I believe that the quality of our personal environment affects the state of our well-being. This is why it is important for us to be selective and surround ourselves only with uplifting resources so that we could maintain our mental health.

This blog is also a medium for me to improve my skills in writing, learn more about life, document lessons I learned and reach out to other like-minded individuals.

Let’s motivate each other to unpack our fullest potential and create the best, most meaningful life we could ever live.

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