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5 Podcasts That Made Me A Better Person

Two weeks ago, it was still 2019 but now, we are in a new year and new decade. Hello 2020’s!

In this blog post, I will be listing my top 5 favorite podcasts that helped me feel inspired to push myself towards self-development and shaped me to be the person I am today.

So without further ado, here are my top five favorite podcasts:

  • ¬†Coffee Break

This podcast is hosted by Lynn Pinugu, Anna Oposa, Chely Esguerra and Bianca Gonzales. They tackle various topics from history to social events to grooming to business and even love! It is especially tailored to millennials who are already in the work force.

I started listening to the podcast back in 2014 when I tried exploring the built-in apps of my iphone 5s then I stumbled upon this podcast and fell in love with it.

Coffee Break taught me what podcasts are and pulled me into this new hobby. This is the very first podcast that I listened to, binged watched/listened to and obssessed about to the point of making my officemates listen to it too.

The Coffee Break ladies are some of the people I look up to because they are all smart, beautiful and have their own causes they actively participate in.

I have many favorite episodes but I would say that I like the episode where Karen Davila is the guest and they discussed about careers. I think it is a must-watch for people who just started their career or students who are about to graduate.

  • The Purposeful Creative

Launched in 2017 by Arriane Serafico as her passion project which aimed to teach creative millennials about purpose (which is obvious based on the title).

Arriane and her guests discussed heavily about business, passion projects and quarter-life crisis.

My favorite episode would be the the one about the essentials in creating an online business which I listen to every now and then up until now.

  • The Lavendaire Lifestyle Podcast

One of the youtubers I really really look up to is Aileen Xu, known as Lavendaire on Youtube. Like her channel who has tons of content about personal development, her podcast channel is also pure gold.

She discusses about self-care and self-development. If you are into these things (like me!), you will surely love her podcast.

I listen to Lavendaire whenever I need a push in life. I have a lot of favorites but I would say that I listen repeatedly to her first three podcasts episodes.

  • Adulting with Joyce Pring

I love Joyce Pring’s podcast because I have been planning of doing this same idea. She discusses about relationships, confidence, career and business.

She also invites guests on her podcast to share their wisdom and experiences. I love that her guests are all Pinoys because it is very relatable.

My favorites are: Things to Stop Doing in your 20s, Becoming a Better Public Speaker, How to Start Your Own Business and Creating a Life You Life ft. Aurora Suarez.

  • Small Talk by Alec Cuenca

I just recently discovered Alec’s podcast and I must say that at a very young age, he is wise and inspiring. He brings up topics that are relevant.

I am truly digging Filipino podcasters who talks about self-development because it is more relatable. My most favorite would be the very first episode I listened to in his podcast channel: 7 Habits to Form in 2020.



  • Kalyn’s Coffee Talk
  • The Brand Cure Podcast
  • Game Changers by Erin May Henry
  • Set Apart Girl by Leslie Rudy
  • Wake Up with Jim and Saab

There you have it!

So, if you are also into podcasts or if you are interested to explore the beauty of podcasts, these are my recommendations.

In 2019, I listened to podcasts more than I listened to music. This shows how much I am addicted to it.

All of these are free to listen to in Spotify and Google Podcasts. Coffee Break is on Youtube too.

If you have any recommendations about good podcasts, shoot me a DM in my Instagram.

Have a great Sunday! Till next week.




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