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Why Start a Blog in 2019?

Writing has always been a passion of mine.

Written anecdotes of people, whether famous or not, interest me as they seem to have an eternal legacy because they have survived hundreds and thousands of years. As a young child, I would write notes and my personal experiences in my diary. Then, I would bury it in our little backyard thinking that people in year 2030 might stumble upon my notebook, read it, find it valuable and store it in a museum. This is really how I imagined it to be. *embarrassed laugh*

Growing up, writing has been a tool for me to express myself and document my experiences in life. I still do it with a pen and a paper but now I type more of my thoughts in the web.

This is not the first time I created a blog. Back in 2008 when Friendster is still a thing, I wrote short articles about my teenage life in the Notes page. I also had a Live Journal account. When Tumblr came in, I did not let the opportunity pass to create my own account, re-post pretty typography, create my own gifs and share my thoughts to my approximately 300 followers. After graduating in college, I outgrew Tumblr and moved to Blogger. However, life got in the way and I was not able to focus on blogging anymore. Also, times have seem to change and the attention went from blogs to vlogs.

Two years ago, my love for writing/blogging resurfaced which prompted me to create my first WordPress account. I blogged about food and wrote poems. However, I was in the middle of my graduate school practicum that time and I was not able to really focus on building my blog.

So now, why am I back to blogging?

I have three main reasons.

First is that I want to build a business. I thought of immediately setting-up an online store that sells bedding and home decors because I want to address a personal problem of finding quality, simple-designed and inexpensive bed sheet. I believe that it is important for people to design their homes or bedrooms (which I’d like to call comfort spaces) in a neat and simple way that would contribute to feelings of inner calm.

However, there are a lot of other online stores selling bed sheets and home decors. Some are even very successful now. How would I be unique?

I realized that the factor which would make me unique from other online stores is my own story, my own “why.” I want to share to my possible clients the reason why I want to sell beddings. I want to tell my clients about the importance of the environment to one’s mental health. I want to empower people to take charge of designing their own comfort spaces and take care of their psychological wellness.

I planned to create a website where I can write my thoughts and at the same time sell products. But, after a few days of planning, I realized that setting both the blog and the store simultaneously is quite tedious. So, here I am choosing to build my brand and audience first before I launch possible products.

Second, I created a blog as a way to develop my skills. My writing skills seem to have rusted and I want to re-polish it again by writing blog posts consistently. I also want to learn Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop so I would be able to post pretty visuals in this blog and in my Instagram account.

Moreover, I am trying to build my resume as I wish to work as a Social Media Manager in the near future. I believe that I will only be qualified to such position if I am able to run a blog successfully and market it to social media sites effectively. This is also a way for me to try out the things I learned from the articles and books I have read about social media.

My third and last reason is to establish an online space that discusses positive, substantial and helpful topics. Nowadays, the internet is filled with a lot of different stories about people’s daily experiences: where they have been and what they have been doing. Although I have nothing against these kind of subjects (I still watch and read these stuff too), my soul is looking for more meaningful content . I want to see blogs and vlogs where I can learn something valuable about life and teach me skills I could develop in myself. I am wishing for content creators who will take time to build deeper connections with their readers or viewers. Sadly, there seem to be a lack of people talking about this kind of content as most social media personalities are inclined to talk about the same topics. Some are inclined to give more importance on how much profit they would gain and how famous or viral they will be instead of creating content that would cause a positive impact to others.

What is this blog about? What can you expect?

In this blog, I will write quick-read entries (you can finish one blog post in more or less 10 minutes) about mental wellness, personal development and productivity/ organization. I will be sharing stories, personal experiences and practical tips about the three topics I mentioned.

This will also be a medium for me to document lessons I have acquired from the books I read and videos I watched. I will be able to strengthen the knowledge I gained by teaching my readers about the information I learned.

Also, I plan to interview people about different significant topics and feature them as guests in my blog. By doing so, I will be able to give the limelight to other amazing people who have strong advocacy and important message to share.

This blog values authenticity, optimism, meaning/purpose and sense of community. If you want to read more about this blog and the author, you can check the About page.

Call to Action

If you have resonated with the things I discussed above and would want to see more, I invite you to:

  • Read my weekly post here in my blog. I promise to post inspiring and meaningful entries every single Monday morning.
  • Follow this blog’s Instagram account and participate in the post’s comment section. Share you answers to these questions: What are your big goals/ passion projects this year? What goal has already come true? What are your plans to make your goals real?

In this time when a lot of different voices online demand for your attention, it seems difficult to speak up about your own ideas. You might take the false assumption that your content is invaluable. But trust me, your unique insights are very much needed. It is never too late to start taking action towards our goals. Who knows, there might be someone waiting for you to speak up too.

If you are looking for a sign to start a passion you have been planning about, this is the sign you are asking for.

Remember, your voice and your story matters. Don’t hide it. Don’t keep it to yourself. Instead, share it and let the world see how amazing you are.

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